Our partners are respected sustainability leaders with unparalleled insights and networks. 


United Kingdom: Jo met Brendan May founder of Robertsbridge back in 2012 while building a pan-European team for a new client. They partnered together to create a pan-European network of sustainability agencies.


Germany: Jacob Bilabel is founder of Thema1 a Berlin-based think-do-tank. Jo and Jacob share a passion for bringing people together around green music and green energy.


France: Founder of Transitions Bruno Rebelle is former number two of Greenpeace International and architect of the ecological transition in France.

future 500

United States: Together with Future500 founder Bill Shireman, we created global sustainability network Transition500 in 2013. Jo and Bill reunited at the 2020 Impossible Summit.


Argentina: Guillermo Schulmeier and Pedro Tarak founded Emprendia as the first B-Corp in South America. Jo met the inspiring team in Buenos Aires in 2013.