We offer masterclasses to share our 30 years of expertise. We have trained 100+ organisations to build essential skills and we have delivered a multitude of coaching sessions to help managers deal with the rapid pace of change. Our training and coaching sessions result in improved impact and a collective conscience, helping teams to thrive. 

Advocacy and communications
Looking for a fresh approach to your policy outreach? We work together with our clients to design integrated strategic communications plans to achieve systems change. Your new plan will serve as anchor and activity matrix for the years ahead, redefining your reputation and reaching wide.   
System change policy and communication 
Are you ready to lead systems change? Together we will map how your organisation can contribute to system change. Which systems can you influence? How do your issues interconnect with global priorities? What are the levers for change at your disposal?

Building narratives

A narrative that’s resilient to ambiguity and uncertainty will stand the test of time. Learn how to frame your narrative, build your story and decide talking points. With so many voices competing for attention in Green Deal policy making, how do you make sure your campaign narrative is memorable?

Crafting messages

Learn how to craft powerful messages that bring clarity to complexity. Rolling out new campaigns, commissioning new research or programming events without first crafting key messages is a costly mistake. Every briefing paper, speech and video should live and breathe your key messages.

Crisis communication

Learn how to keep calm and communicate in the face of massive uncertainty. From one day to the next, crises can hit, leaving leaders reeling with uncertainty as to what to say, when and how. Recent years have provided us plenty of experience to help you steer a clear approach.