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My Documentary

Think Act Change

In 2020 as the pandemic set in, we hosted a series of silo busting events on sustainability. Hosts David Labi and Jo Sullivan gathered friends from California and Chile, Paris and Berlin, Stockholm, London and Brussels, some truly inspiring movement founders, business leaders and decision making officials.

We discussed how to burst bubbles and build bridges in society, together with an audience of 1000+. Watch this space for more radical collaboration workshops to THINK ACT CHANGE. See you there !

News & Views

Listen above to hear Jo Sullivan in conversation with Michael Peel European diplomatic correspondent for the Financial Times on news shaping and change-making.  

Speaking At Events

Moderating Events

“Having sat in the seat of various stakeholder groups throughout her career – including government, corporate and civil society – Jo understands how to facilitate constructive dialogue among diverse participants, ensuring their trust to communicate authentically while effectively moderating discussions to advance key points forward.”

Brian Carroll, Head of External CommunicationsSolvay