EU-NGO campaign planning and evaluation service

Campaigns can miss their target. And not achieve their potential. Without effective planning, systematic evaluation and engaging multi-channel communication, campaigns can fail to impress. What marks out one NGO from another is the willingness to evaluate, learn and improve.

Conscience Consulting has a track record of advising international NGOs and the European Commission on how to improve the focus and impact of their campaigns and communications.  Today this service is available to EU-NGOs to enhance your campaign and communications impact.

  • Create team opportunities to learn lessons and campaign better
  • Apply proven methodologies for evaluation and strategic planning
  • Develop campaign plans that focus resources and yield results

Conscience Consulting can help ensure campaign optimisation through

Campaign evaluation

  • Evaluation matrix. Campaign actions, messages and implementation mechanisms
  • Evaluation tools. Desk research, online survey, focus groups and interviews
  • Evaluation findings. A clear set of recommendations for the campaign and the organisation, based on qualitative and quantitative findings

Campaign planning

  • Campaign indices. Goals, objectives and success indicators
  • Campaign preparation. Analysis of situation and stakeholders
  • Campaign strategy. Audiences, key messages, tools and channels

Contact Joanna on or 0032 474 349 458