Events support to inspire and progress ideas

Did you and your team ever sit through another dull conference, yawn during a training session, or leave a meeting wondering what exactly was achieved?  Events in Brussels can be dull, and many don't achieve basic objectives of imparting information, getting feedback or agreeing actions. 

Conscience Consulting can create events that achieve their objectives in a thoughtful, inspiring and engaging way.  Events that stimulate audiences, create genuine debate and act as a catalyst for changing hearts and minds.

Bespoke interactive learning events to promote inspired teamwork

  • Communication strategies
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Media and message training
  • Effective writing and presentation skills
  • Effective interpersonal communication

Effective moderation of stakeholder debate

  • Stakeholder roundtable moderator
  • Conference moderator (Chair)
  • Panel moderator
  • Workshop facilitator
  • Meeting facilitator

Speechmaking on EU trends and best practice

  • EU campaigns – best practice and what not to do
  • EU communication – best practice: tools, channels and techniques
  • EU stakeholder relations – collaboration beyond the comfort zone

Bring your event to a new level – stimulate new ways of thinking.

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