Organisational development

Why get serious about organisational development?  You may wish to grow your EU office, mobilise your member organisations or become a global network.  Whatever your goals, our step-by-step approach will help you achieve a sustainable and smooth transition generating increases in revenue, reputation and impact.  

A three-step approach

Creating the road map
In this first phase we may interview key staff, undertake desk research and benchmark you against other NGOs working in the same field. We may also interview member groups across Europe or worldwide to get further input and buy-in to the process. This groundwork provides a basis on which to devise and develop an organisational development plan with a clear vision and a set of targets to work towards as regards issues, partners and countries.

Building the team
In this second phase we focus on capacity building. We identify skills gaps and propose a team development programme that may include improving the effectiveness of existing staff, identifying and recruiting new staff, and providing training and working sessions so the team, including member organisations are equipped to grow together on a common front.

Support to implementation
We work with you to develop a capacity building toolkit to support effective management of structures, projects, programmes, fundraising, communication and campaigns. Such a toolkit is designed for use throughout the organisation as an ongoing resource.

Whatever the stage of your journey, as start-up or established multi-country organisation, we can help take you to the next level.

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